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Recruitment Assistant

Recruitment is always at the forefront of every successful business and productivity of recruiters is the most essential aspect to ensure closing the open position with your own or client’s company.

There are many labour intensive activities which eats up most your recruiter’s day and they end up losing productivity, resulting in less closures apparently. We understand that there is a lot to do in a day for your recruiter and we ensure your team becomes efficient by providing that ultimate support. Never miss a deserving candidate is the key to successful closures of an open requirement, and we just make sure to bring the right list of candidates.

The idea is simple- you call the shots & we do the leg work. So your team spends most of their time doing what they are really good at- calling candidates and closing the requirements. The only way to know whether our services are a fit for you would be by giving us an opportunity to demonstrate how we can synergize.

The time is now to change the traditional recruitment model. Just send us the job descriptions and experience how we can save countless hours for your recruiters.

List of activities:

  • Job Posting
  • Resume Sourcing
  • CRM Management
  • Calendar Management
  • ATS Management
  • Database Building
  • Creating Candidates Pipeline
  • Head Hunting
  • Contact Extraction
  • Contact Validation
  • Initial Communication
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Company Research