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Digital Marketing Assistant

Be it organic marketing or paid advertising, it is not that complicated as it sounds. Simple & persistent efforts are all needed to spread the word about your business among the target audience. But there is a catch- when you know the right audience, you need someone experienced to align these efforts and craft a custom strategy. After all, not all businesses can use the same pattern to reach the right audience because every business is different & has its own branding, which should synergize to leave a long-lasting impact on the mind of the target audience.

From managing your social media activities to optimizing your web page for search engines, we have got you covered. Getting your business to top 3 search results organically, is not that simple because there are businesses doing black hat SEO activities forcing moderators to emphasize on quality of content & backlinks. We know the way forward- simple & persistence efforts.

Though there are dashboards streamlining social media management by scheduling posts and multiple account handling, it becomes a time-consuming task for professionals like you who have rather important tasks on your plate than doing this every day. We have the experience & time to take care of it.

List of activities:

  • Social media profiles setup
  • Creating Facebook/LinkedIn Pages / Groups
  • Facebook Group administration and member management
  • Twitter monitoring
  • Facebook management
  • Comment management
  • SPAM removal
  • Social media promotion & advertising
  • Schedule Tweets & Posts
  • Track Mentions and Hashtags
  • Create pinnable images on Pinterest
  • Create & upload videos on YouTube
  • Handling Hootsuite & Buffer dashboards
  • Publish Podcast episodes
  • Live your pre-recorded videos
  • Answer inquiries and messages
  • Customer support and service on social media
  • Pay per click (PPC) ads: Facebook, Adwords, YouTube, Instagram and more
  • Marketing your blog posts
  • Social media growth Funnels and ClickFunnels building and customization
  • Managing and optimizing advertising campaigns
  • Branding and redesign of your brand
  • Posting online classified ads
  • Improving your S.E.O. and citations
  • Conversions and pixel tracking
  • Landing Pages design and build